A-Arm / Four Link Complete Chassis Kit



The A-Arm / Four Link – Race Car in a Box offers a good starting point for a serious Pro Streeter or bracket racer looking for a reliable, easy to assemble chassis that can be upgraded as needed when more power is added and/or changing classes.  As with all the Race Car in a Box kits, the addition of a funny car cage and extra bars, allows it to certify as low as 7.50.  

  • A-Arm Front Suspension(without brakes)
  • Rack and Pinion(specific hub to hub widths)
  • Steering Column Kit
  • 3625 Pro Four Link(with Moly 2pc. Rod Ends)
  • Strange Shocks(with springs)
  • Mild Steel Fabricated 9″ Bare Housing(Housing Ends included)
  • Mild Steel 10 Point Cage(car specific)
  • Gas and Brake Pedal Kits
  • Master Cylinder Mount
  • Battery Mounts (2)
  • Transmission Crossmember
  • Driveshaft loop with crossmember
  • 2 x 3 x .083 Frame Rails(rear suspension brackets welded)
  • Door X Bars
  • Roof Diagonal
  • Floor Diagonals
  • Upgrade options available…Call For Assistance