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C/E9999 - Special Notice

  • C/E9999 - Special Notice
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We would like to clear up some confusion.  Some people have been contacting us about closing the doors.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.
    What is happening... there is (was) another Chassis Engineering in West Branch, Iowa.  They built Street Rods and Hot Rods.  Both companies have been in business since the early 80’s.  Each had their own niche in the market and agreed to not crossover.
    That Chassis Engineering (Chassis Engineering, Inc.) is closing their doors.  We find it sad to see as it is hard to watch long standing companies go by the way side.
    We are here to stay and thank you for your continued support through the years and years to come.


    If you are looking for the other company and made it here by mistake..please look up chassisengineeringinc.com

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